Castagne Engine

Open-Source Fighting Game Creation Framework

Changelog Castagne v0.53

Published : March 28, 2023

Finally! The start of the big stretch towards the v0.6 milestone, where you'll be able to do a complete local game! This will require going over all the modules to finalize them, and this version is the base for all that, as it went over the input, flow, and engine loop, which are in depth changes. The next updates will be able to build on top of this, and thus release more often.

This is a dev-only release! Indeed, the changes are big enough to break quite a few things, so this is meant for users that want to be on the bleeding edge, want to help with development, or simply preview the changes. Functionality will be rebuilt over time for the v0.54 release.

This update is massive, but mainly in the internal parts! Here are the main parts:

Some parts have been pushed for further versions:

Next up is Castagne v0.54! This one will finish this first part of the v0.6 milestone, by allowing you once again to make 2D/2.5D fighting games, but with a cleaner base, easier interface, and more robust tools! Now that the big blocking update is done, the next one should be able to happen in a more gradual manner.

Documentation is available in the dev docs! I probably missed some things in the changelog, and there are probably quite a few bugs. Please try out the version and tell me what you think!