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Changelog Castagne v0.53.1

Published : June 12, 2023

Hey! It's my birthday today, but I'm bringing YOU gifts! Here is finally the update where we merge back into the main branch.

You might have skipped it, so reading the previous changelog is a good idea, since its changes are also here!

Overall, this update gets back to the same level of base functionality of v0.52, but with much better UX, more configuration, and a lot more potential for growth!

Now that the dev branch is freed up, I'll release updates more often there, no need to wait for bigger reworks at the moment. Thus, next versions of the v0.54 cycle are going to be more incremental, like adding dashes or wallbounces.

There are some breaking changes which will require a bit of work, but it has been simple in my experience.

This update was a long time coming! I know people have been waiting for it so I put some extra care in, so tell me your feedback! I'm for one really glad that it's done, it's been a joy to make and then use, and I'll hope you'll find it too!

Main Additions!

Porting Guide

If you overwrote Base.casp states, you'll need to reevaluate each of those

First Step: Apply the update

Second Step: Update the characters to the new attack interface. You'll have to do find and replace in an external editor. Some of those are Regexes, which you can apply with some editors. I've done it with GEdit.

Third Step: Fix manually the last parts

The process can be a bit slow depending on how much you changed, but these steps should give you a big headstart. Don't hesitate to ask some questions on Discord!

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