Castagne Engine

Open-Source Fighting Game Creation Framework


This is where the previous and future roadmaps are stored, for later reference.

The current roadmap is on the Downloads page.

The main objective of these roadmaps, as we move towards v1.0, is to give a global idea of what I expect to add to each version. They should not be taken as promises, just as indications. The actual order of things may be altered often to reflect the better way to implement all these features. As such, no date is given, as development time can vary quite a bit between weeks.

The objective of Castagne v1.0 is to get a complete engine, that can manage full fighting games. Sub-versions focus on parts of that objective. The order is chosen based on:

  • Technical Constraints: Some features become a lot easier once another is made, or depends on another. The big transitions like going to Godot 4 are also planned based on other projects' statuses.
  • Core Features first: If possible, focus on what is needed to make a game first. This basically means Core Gameplay -> Supporting Structure -> Online -> Release Ready
  • X-Factor: Sometimes, a feature important to the community might be implemented faster than expected, like the 2D module. Other times, if I have a nice idea I want to test it might be implemented quicker, in order to gather feedback, especially for UX. Or sometimes, I really feel like implementing something, which means I'll be a lot faster to make it and thus take the opportunity!

Current Version Roadmap

Upcoming Versions Roadmaps

Castagne v0.6 - Full Games

Objective: Allow users to make full games

Main Features:

  • Implementing the modules in a complete way
  • Menus and Game Modes
  • Support of different genres
  • UX for Castagne in general

Castagne v0.7 - Core Project Upgrade

Objective: Clean up the project, and port it to Godot 4

Main Features:

  • Godot 4 port
  • Rewrite of core, compiler, and some modules in C++ or Rust.
  • Code quality: Tests, Cleanup
  • Repo and instructions cleanup

Castagne v0.8 - Rollback and Online

Objective: Implement Rollback and Online Lobbies

Main Features:

  • Rollback netcode working again
  • Lobby and matchmaking support
  • Community Server to give online to small free games.

Castagne v0.9 - Editor Upgrade

Objective: Implement the nicer editor tools

Main Features:

  • New editor interface
  • Implementing various tools
  • Make the editor more modular
  • Editor Translation

Note: Some of this may be done during v0.7

Castagne v1.0 - Stability and QoL

Objective: Bug fixes, small improvements when possible

Will get fleshed out as feedback comes.

Previous Versions Roadmaps

Castagne v0.1 - v0.52

No roadmaps exist for that period, but here is an overview of what happened:

Castagne v0.6