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Should I start now or wait?

Castagne is in development, so depending on your use case, you might want to start or wait. I recommend you download and try it out at least! But here's my recommendations based on your situation:

Next Version

Castagne v0.5 already can make the core gameplay, v0.6 is going to focus on making full games. This will be a longer way, and require going over all the modules to make them close to final. Intermediate versions are still going to be useful fast: the roadmap is made with being operational quickly while also following how the tech is most efficiently made. As such, the best version to start for most people is Castagne v0.54.

The roadmap may evolve depending on development insights and suggestions, and should be taken more as a declaration of intent rather than exact promise.

Castagne v0.54

After v0.53 focused on the core, flow, inputs, and editor, v0.54 will rebuild the functionality that has been damaged, in a cleaner way. This will allow for making 2D / 2.5D fighting games easily.

More detail on the version on the Roadmap page!

Future Versions

You can see all the roadmaps in more detail here!

Latest Changelogs

August 16, 2023Changelog Castagne v0.53.03 (dev)
June 25, 2023Changelog Castagne v0.53.2
June 12, 2023Changelog Castagne v0.53.1
March 28, 2023Changelog Castagne v0.53

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