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Castagne Fighting Game Engine

Welcome to the Castagne engine documentation!

This is still a work in progress. Join the Discord for discussion and support!

Castagne is a tool built on top of Godot to help you make various types of fighting games, by taking care of as much as possible while remaining modular. It's main goal is to support competitive one vs one fighting, but it can also be used for other genres like beat-them-alls, or character action games.

Castagne's main features are: - Flexibility through modules. Castagne makes by default very few assumptions on your game, to allow you to customise and extend the toolset. - Good editing tools. The Castagne editor helps you iterate quickly, while restricting you as little as possible. - Rollback netcode working out of the box. If you create a character, he will work locally and online the same exact way.

Some games made with Castagne include: - Kronian Titans: 2D Airdasher with mechs

It's recommended to start by reading the Getting Started section, which will walk you through installation to making a character. As an alternative if you come from another engine, you may want to read the Then, once you experimented a bit with it, you may read the Intermediate Guide and the Making a Game section. Otherwise, you might want to read the full feature list to get an idea of what is possible through the engine.

The documentation and engine are still under construction, so don't hesitate to ask questions on discord or github!