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This page is in construction! It is marked for review/completion for version 54.

First Time Launch

When running Castagne for the first time, it will ask you if you want to do an in-engine tutorial. It is recommended to do it if you're new to the engine! This page will be shown to each user on a shared project.

Castagne has a suite of tutorials inside the engine which can showcase some of its features directly. The following pages of this 'Getting Started' guide are an alternative to the basic beginner tutorials, which will walk you through making a simple character.

It's up to you if you want to follow this written documentation, the in-engine tutorials, or video guides. You can find the learning hub on the official Castagne site!

TODO: Automatically export tutorials to documentation pages for easier reference

First Time Setup

This part is done only once for the project, and allows you to do a quick initial setup. All parameters can be switched later.

If this is your first time with the engine, just choose your genre! I recommend 2.5D fighter. You can get to the other settings when you understand the engine more.

Genre Selection

This is the core of the initial setup. Genre select will use a base preset for your game, and ensure it can update with the correct parameters as time goes on. The main thing it will set for you are the Modules, which load 2D or 3D functionality for you among others, and Example Characters.

Here is a list of the genres available along with a quick description. You can get more information in the specific Genre Guide

Additional parameters like Number of Players and Number of Characters per Player can be set independently later on. You can also change genre non-destructively from the Castagne Config menu, but you may need to readjust some parameters.

The rest of this guide, unless stated, will assume 2.5D Fighter. In any case, concepts will apply to all genres in most cases.

At the current moment (v0.53.1), 2D graphics module is still in progress. Development is made using 2.5D fighter, which means the examples for pure 2D are still in construction. Graphics modules work is scheduled for v0.55